Aladdin Vina Co., Ltd founded in 09/2015 is a subsidiary of Transon Co., Ltd (Korea) specializing in import and distribution of household appliances and electronic equipment in order to meet customer’s vital demand.

Daehan Electronics Co., Ltd, the former name of Transon Co., Ltd was established in 12/2006 with its registered head office in Seoul, Korea. Company focuses on manufacture of coil, transformer and necessary components for electronic equipment. After many years of operation and growth, in 03/2011 its name was changed into Transon Co., Ltd with a strengthened position and prestige in the market.

In 04/2012, Company set up Transon Vina Co., Ltd in Luong Son Industrial Park, Hoa Binh, Vietnam.

In order to continue steady development in production and extend scope of business, Transon Co., Ltd has decided to build up a subsidiary named Aladdin Vina Co., Ltd with its registered head office in Luong Son, Hoa Binh. Main targets of this new member are to provide Customers with perfect services, best quality products; satisfy all Client’s demands and create real value for community.

Under the motto of maximization benefits for Customers, we always try our best to innovate, update and catch up with development trend, diversify types and increase value of goods. Aladdin Vina keeps raising quality of services and supporting customers. Our service system is put under operation of experienced technicians and enthusiastic supporting staffs. 
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